A Lasting Impresson Through Imaged Tile Murals

The beauty of Fine Art and Photography touches the soul of the very young and the very old and all of us in between. Technology has come a long way for we can now create a magical journey of art and photography by transferring any image into tile creating the most magnificent tile murals. The tiles can be stone, marble, glass, ceramic and porcelain. The beauty of our process is that we can create any size tile mural. Art is no longer limited to size. An entire building could consist of one art image displayed on multiple tiles. One must be very selective on which type of tile is used in the tile mural depending on the image. Somehow the tile murals captures a unique quality of each and every image. Photography for instance images so well in glass tile where a Tuscan image is beautiful on stone, marble, ceramic and porcelain tile murals.


Artist and collectors alike are appreciating our techniques for the quality of the art shines through every tile mural offering the public a new experience in world of art.

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