About Us

Tile Mural Creative Arts is one of the leaders in the industry of  imaged tiles.  Our indoor tiles are created through a specialized transfer process and our  outdoor kiln fired tiles are created with a process in which we fire porcelain tiles at 1800 degree Fahrenheit.

We offer tumbled marble, ceramic and glass tiles for all indoor projects and porcelain kiln fired tiles for all outdoor tile projects.

Tile Mural Creative Arts combines art and science to customize a piece of art on a tile mural that will enhance any residential or commercial space.

Tile Mural Creative Arts represents the art of world known art publishers and individual artists offering a wide selection of art on tile for any Kitchen Backsplash, shower Tile Mural, bathroom wall murals, living rooms tile murals, retreats, outdoor fireplace Tile Murals, Swimming Pool Tile and Tile Murals, Outdoor Tile Murals and Outdoor Tile Floors Murals.

Our tile murals are perfect for residences, corporations, schools, churches, retail stores and Cultural Centers. Our designers work with many Designers and Architects along with individuals wanting to enhance their homes. We also specialize in Non Profit Fundraising Projects and offer customized and personalized Tile and Tile Murals.

Quality and customer service is what we strive for in our business.

You can reach us at 818 876-9161 or by email at:  tilemuralcreativearts@yahoo.com

More Company Information

 My life’s work and passion is blending art and technology creating tile murals across the world. Through the digital transfer of art into tile murals has brought to my life an amazing connection with community. Touching hearts one mural at a time. Tile Murals inspire both individuals and communities by preserving heritage and culture along with the inspiration that art on tile creates within every person young and old.


We have been involved in the evolution of the amazing technology of kiln fired art embedded and fired into tile. Our company has created hundreds of indoor and outdoor tile murals across the world. Every mural our team creates is similar to giving birth. It brings us that much joy. The final product truly is an inspiration no matter how large or small the project. Our companies experience is unsurpassed for we have been involved with the technology from its original conception.

Our company is now World Wide and has collaborated with designers, business owners, architects, builders and private homeowners across the world. Throughout the years we have established relationships with public institutions and the private sector. We have built trusted relationships in communities and within the art publishing world. This has enabled us to have access to thousands of art images in which we are able to license. This is an accomplishment in itself. Our company is responsible for many indoor and outdoor tile mural projects that span the globe. We are also proud to help with fundraising efforts for churches, schools, animal shelters and non profits one tile at a time.