Tumbled Stone Tile has an Old World look. The tiles are very porous and must be sealed. Tumbled Stone tiles are beautiful on a kitchen backsplash and shower tile murals.    

Available Tumbled Stone Tile Sizes:  4×4 inch, 6×6 inch and 8×8 inch

Glass Tiles come in both smooth and textured. The image is transferred to the back of the tile. Our textured glass tiles are wonderful for floors, Countertops, kitchen backsplash spaces, and walls. Photography on glass creates a fabulous art piece.  

Available Glass Tile Sizes are 6×6 inch, 8×8 inch and 12×12

    Ceramic Tiles comes in satin, high gloss and matte. Satin ceramic tile has an elegantly smooth look. Ideal for any interior design tile mural projects. Our matte ceramic tile has an almost velvet look to the tile. Both tiles are very durable and are used for showers, kitchen backsplashes and wall murals.

Available Ceramic Tile sizes are 4.25 inch, 6×6 inch and 8×8 inch.

Kiln Fired Porcelain is the most durable and the ONLY TILE that we use for outdoor installations.  Our Outdoor porcelain tile are weather proof and once imaged will last a lifetime. These tile murals are kiln fired at 1800 degree Fahrenheit. 

Available Porcelain Kiln Fired Tile Sizes:                                                                                                               3.75×3.75  inch, 6×6 inch, and 12×12 inch.      

Porcelain Kiln Fired Floor Tiles: Available Floor Tile sizes 6×6, 8×8 and 12×12  

Tile Maintenance:

Our tiles are porcelain tiles. We guarentee that our image on kiln fired tiles will last a lifetime without fading. Our imaged tiles are fired at 1800 degree Fahrenheit. Our tile murals are made for all weather conditions. They are resistant to sunlight, frost, water, scratching, stains, acids, solvents, fading, and high heat. Graffiti can be cleaned off very easily with either normal glass cleaner, household solvents or even nail polish remover. Removing graffiti will not damage the tile or the imaged tile mural.