Tile Mural Creative Arts Defines Your Vision with Unlimited Possibilities

Tile Mural Creative Arts established in 2000 is the leader in transferring Fine Art, logos and photography into stone, glass, ceramic and porcelain Tiles. Tile Mural Creative Arts Tile Products has been used to decorate both commercial and residential Wall Space. Our Commercial Projects include Hotels, Universities, Churches, Cultural Centers, Lobbies, Public Projects and Hospitals. Our Residential Installations include Kitchen Backsplashes, Showers, Floors, Outdoor Kitchens and Swimming pools. We are now creating Laser Etched Tile Murals for both commercial and residential space as well as individual laser etched memorials.

Tile Mural Creative Arts is pleased to announce our new line of Handmade micro mosaic marble tiles decorating walls and floors. Tile Mural Creative Arts prides itself in creating fully handmade mosaics from all natural marble and semi-precious stones, based on the same technique used by the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines. Similar to our Outdoor Kiln Fired Tiles both the Mosaics and our Outdoor Tile Murals remain in tact over time regardless of weather and will last over time. Our Kiln Fired Outdoor all weather Imaged Porcelain Tile Murals are Tested by the Tile Council of America. Only Kiln Fired Tiles and Mosaics will last a lifetime outside or in swimming pools.

Our talented designers at Tile Mural Creative Arts has developed relationships with interior designers, builders, architects, landscape designers and homeowners with distinctive taste. Each mural is richly detailed. Tile Mural Creative Arts has a vast collection of photography and artwork. Each image can be reproduced either as a single tile or made into any size tile mural.

In addition to vibrant wall tiles Tile Mural Creative Arts creates floor grade and frost proof imaged tile. Our tile murals will be enjoyed for a lifetime!

We provide our clients with a creative solution that enhances any indoor or outdoor space with either a Tile Mural, Mosaic Mural or a Laser-Etched Mural. Tile Mural Creative Arts has created tile mural and laser etched logos for company signage.

Tile Mural Creative Arts designers specialize in both small residential projects and large commercial tile murals and mosaic projects. Our team will work to help your non-profit Fundraising Tile Mural projects.

Please contact Rob or one of our tile designers for a complimentary design consultation:

818-876-9161 or tilemuralcreativearts@yahoo.com