Residential Projects

Custom Tiles and Tile Murals for Your Home

Kitchen backsplash, shower murals, floor tiles, outdoor barbecue & more.
Choose from ceramic, glass or stone.

At Tile Mural Creative Arts, we create custom tiles along with tile murals to help you develop a unique aesthetic for your home. Learn more about our products and browse the gallery of our previous residential tile installations.

Custom Tiles

Have you ever had to browse a selection of carpet, countertop, or tile samples while performing home renovation and found that the available products just aren’t what you’re looking for? Whenever you order tiles with Tile Mural Creative Arts, we create tiles just for your project, which gives you the ability to fully customize your tiles.

We manufacture tiles that utilize a variety of materials, including stone, ceramic, glass, and porcelain, that come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Our tile designers will work with you to create the perfect tile design for your home. Whether you want uniform tiles or tiles with unique patterns, we can make it happen.

Custom Tile Murals

In addition to producing tiles that serve a practical and aesthetic purpose, we also produce tiles that are purely artistic. Our custom tile murals are a fantastic way to display artwork in your home and create a sense of luxury for any space they occupy.

Inside the home, our customers most like to use our tile murals to adorn their kitchens and bathrooms, while outside the home, our customers typically place our murals above their barbeques and beside their pools. We manufacture our tiles such that they are resistant to all weather phenomena and don’t fade under the sun’s rays, so you can enjoy your beautiful custom tile mural for years to come.

Browse our portfolio of tile murals below for inspiration on what you may want to do with your tile mural. To discuss your project with a member of our team, call us at (818) 876-9161 or send us a message.